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... sells high quality, high resolution photographic images – electronic files, printed enlargements, mounted prints and framed prints.  Accidental Designs Photographic is solely owned by Doug Purdie, Sr. Photographer.


Sr. Photographer Doug Purdie in Mt. Cannon State Park, New Hampshire, taking this picture

(photo by Kuekhoon Lau)


Doug is 51 years old, married and employed full time in the Electronics Industry in Silicon Valley.  He started his life in Photography as a high school Sophomore, mowed neighbors’ lawns and washed their cars to earn enough money to buy his first Single Lens Reflex camera, a Mamiya with a  standard 55mm lens for $150.  In college he graduated to a Nikkormat with a 125mm telephoto lens.  However his enthusiasm for the art was dampened by the cumbersome analog technology of the time.  Enter the digital age decades later and his once dormant enthusiasm returned with tidal force.


Browse his Photographic Art gallery and you’ll probably conclude that his style is illustrative in nature, literally.  He is drawn to nature’s detail and illustrates with liberal use of macro technology.  His goal is to provide his audience with an alternate and more detailed view of the world around them.  Many shots are from exotic locations, but a surprising number were taken around his suburban neighborhood. 


He also has an intense interest in candid shots.  For him, there are few greater rushes than freezing moments of people living their lives with passion.  Thus the name of Accidental Design’s human interest gallery Passionate Humanity.


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